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We offer a range of high quality asbestos services including asbestos surveys, asbestos management, asbestos sample analysis and IATP Asbestos Awareness Training.

We are one of the few truly independent asbestos consultancies. We do not carry out asbestos removal or have ties to any asbestos removal companies, so you can be assured that you will receive impartial advice relevant to you. We are independent and have been established for over 27 years.

Learn more about us and the specialist asbestos services we offer:

Our Services

Asbestos Surveys

Want to know if your property is free from asbestos?
For total peace of mind, we are on hand to arrange all aspects of your comprehensive asbestos survey.
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Asbestos Management

An asbestos survey isn’t the end of the line for dutyholders.

It is just the starting point. We support you with all aspects of asbestos management.

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Sample Analysis

Do you suspect the presence of asbestos in your property?
If you require analysis on materials to decide if they contain asbestos we can have these analysed on your behalf.
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Asbestos Training

Our IATP Asbestos Awareness Training ensures compliancy.

We ensure that you and your employees are fully informed and most importantly safe.

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Our team of surveyors are fully qualified and have extensive surveying experience. Our work conforms HSG 264 and ISO9001:2008 and all relevant industry standards.

We are a member of IATP, so you can be rest assured our asbestos awareness training courses will meet your training needs.

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Mesothelioma UK

We give £1 to Mesothelioma UK for every delegate who takes our Asbestos Awareness Training Course.

Free Advice

We offer free advice on asbestos matters including asbestos surveys, asbestos management or IATP asbestos awareness training.

Contact us today for a no obligation consultation about your needs and find out how we can help.

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Useful Links

Read our helpful guide to asbestos and learn more about the dangers and the law
We offer a range of asbestos surveys all tailored to your individual circumstances.
We provide asbestos management services to help you deal with asbestos issues
Our IATP Asbestos Awareness Training ensures you are legally compliant
We are dedicated asbestos specialists – find out more about our team 
Learn more about asbestos and how we can help in our frequently asked questions

Do You Comply With UK Asbestos Regulations?

We can ensure you and your organisation comply with The Control of Asbestos Regulations (2012).


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