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Asbestos data collection in schools

Gov.uk asks Head teachers of schools throughout England to provide information on asbestos within their school building.

School buildings may contain asbestos if any part of them was built before 2000. It is extremely important that any asbestos present in a school is managed properly.

If Head teachers do not follow the steps set out in this advice, they may put the future health of their staff, pupils and visitors at risk.

Prosecution can also be faced by failing to comply with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

In March 2015, the Department for Education completed a major review of its policy on the management of asbestos in schools. The outcomes from the review included the issuing of updated guidance, entitled Managing asbestos in your school, and a call for a clearer picture of how asbestos is managed in schools across England.

As a result gov.uk developed a small number of straightforward questions about asbestos management for all head teachers to answer. Once head teachers have completed the survey they will receive immediate feedback and advice based on their responses.

Responses should be submitted using the asbestos survey.

The deadline for submissions is Monday 29 February 2016.

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