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Asbestos in Domestic Property

We have noticed an increase in the number of prosecutions from the HSE centred on domestic property. There is no explicit area of the legislation relating to surveys in domestic dwellings, as there is for commercial property. However Regulations 5, 6 of the CAR 2012 place a duty on ‘employers’ to protect their workforce. The only way to safely do this is to undertake an asbestos survey, regardless of whether it is a domestic dwelling or a commercial property.

All tradesmen, surveyors, inspectors and even employees reading gas and electric meters should be protected. Furthermore they should receive appropriate asbestos awareness training.

We frequently hear the excuse that it’s not practical to survey these properties before you enter them. My reply is generally, ‘not practical for whom’, you the business owner, or your employee drilling the asbestos board.

Arrange asbestos awareness training here.