Home News Asbestos scare at The Christie Hospital in Manchester

Asbestos scare at The Christie Hospital in Manchester

Maintenance staff at The Christie leading cancer hospital were unknowingly exposed to airborne asbestos levels above safety standards.

The hospital admits that historically they have not met the required health and safety standards regarding asbestos. However, they stress that there is no evidence that patients, visitors and non-maintenance staff were put at risk and exposed to asbestos.

The union Unite identified 20 workers to be exposed to the deadly fibres and that the Christie has failed to comply with Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. They established that the asbestos registers were in inaccurate, out of date and rarely used to monitor the material within the buildings. They stressed that the procedures to manage the asbestos were insufficient due to staff being unknowingly exposed to the deadly fibres.

Keith Hutson Unite regional officer said: “It is appalling that these workers have been exposed to the cancer-causing substance, especially as they were exposed in the world-renowned cancer hospital.”

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