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Asbestos in Schools: The Key Issues


The government’s own figures show asbestos is present in over 80% of UK Schools.

The majority of them will have some form of asbestos survey which is a good thing.

If you have the responsibility for asbestos in a school then you will generally be the head teacher, head master or possibly the local authority

The first question to ask is: How old is the survey? 

If it was carried out a number of years ago then it may either be out of date because works have been undertaken and the information not updated. Or it may have been undertaken before more recent legislative changes in the way surveys are supposed to be conducted

The key aspect however is the Management Plan for the school. This is a legal requirement.

This should include:

Asbestos Training for those in charge

Regular inspection of ACMs to ensure they are safe and if appropriate labelled All contractors who work on the site should be awareness trained They should also be informed where the asbestos is on site and whether their work will affect those ACMS There should be procedures in place for what to do if ACMs become damaged If building and refurbishment is taking place a more detailed asbestos survey is required.

Some schools feel they comply with the regulations by just having an annual inspection of the materials. This is insufficient and leaves children staff and contractors at risk.

Survey, train and manage is the start and then continually review the plan. If you need advice or training – Call us today on 0800 141 2676.