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Asbestos Survey: No Access & Limited Accesses

Questions that we are often asked about surveys:

Why are there areas you didn’t access?” or “What is a limited access area?”

A refurbishment/demolition asbestos survey there shouldn’t be any areas you can’t access. If there are then just make sure you access them before you start work.

With a management survey (which reflects the day to day running and general maintenance of a property) there are areas the surveyor can’t get to, such as lift shafts, electrical switchgear, live machinery, wall and floor voids, outer parts of the roof, or just obvious items like locked rooms and cupboards.

These must be listed in the survey/register and treated as potentially containing asbestos until a time they can be inspected. Older reports often have these items hidden at the back of the report in general exclusions. Newer reports should have them listed in the register.

Limited access is a little vague. It means the surveyor has inspected the area but not as fully as they would like. This may include rooms full of equipment, extensive floor coverings (underneath), roofs spaces where there are lots of fibreglass insulation etc.

Whatever the limitations in the report make sure you familiarise yourself with these access issues as they have an important role to play in any maintenance or minor works.

Remember as a ‘duty holder’ it’s your legal responsibility to manage any asbestos containing materials (ACMs) or areas not accessed, in a building you control.

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