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Asbestos widow faces cancer death

A woman whose husband and daughter died from cancer caused by exposure to asbestos has been told she faces the same fate. Barbara Fitt’s husband John and daughter Evelyn were both killed by mesothelioma, a form of lung cancer.Now Mrs Fitt, 71, of Camberley, Surrey, has contracted the same condition after allegedly breathing in fibres brought home on her husband’s work overalls. The mother-of-two is to sue the factory where Mr Fitt worked.  Mr Fitt used to cut fireproof asbestos boards by hand while a foreman at Cape building products in Uxbridge in the 1960s. Mrs Fitt said: “I used to help John pick the large grains of asbestos off his skin.” Her surviving daughter Yvonne Power, 49, worked as a quality controller at the same firm and has been told she too may contract the condition. The Fitt family was given compensation for the deaths of Mr Fitt in 1993 and of Evelyn, aged 45, in 1996.

Mrs Fitt’s case is to be pursued by asbestos injuries solicitor Adrian Budgen, who worked on both the family’s previous cases against Cape plc. He said: “I’ve dealt with instances where two people in the same family have had the disease but never three affected in this way. It’s very, very unusual.”

Most people diagnosed with mesothelioma die within two years because it does not respond well to treatment. Mr Budgen said: “They are a very loving, close-knit family who have been devastated by this disease.” A spokesman for Cape plc said: “Obviously we are extremely sorry to hear of this case and very sad that the family has been subjected to this disease in such a traumatic manner.”

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