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Asbestos Awareness Training Course …….read our feedback…….

“I felt that the content was clearly presented, in easy to understand language and in a relaxed manner, just right for the intended audience”.“It is a good number of years since I have had any formal education or training in this subject and it served as an excellent reminder and updating of my knowledge. I have no hesitation in recommending your asbestos awareness training to anyone who may potentially be exposed to asbestos at work and for anyone employing such people”.

and another…………..

“I really enjoyed the course and thank-you for getting me on!  As you rightly said Greg is really good, his comprehensive knowledge added to the interest and content of the presentation.  Possibly being the only none “hands on” person the course could have been too far outside of my experience for me to relate to but the factual information gave  a context and a message to an audience far beyond that of people actually working in construction and related industries”.

“The interaction between Greg and the group was good, the presentation really engaging and got the key points across in a clear and understandable way. Greg’s personal experience in the field added realism to both the understanding and the ignorance of the dangers of asbestos”.

If you would like to reserve a place on our training course the next one will be held at our offices in Burnley on 20 June.  Please call the office on 01282 427 672.

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