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Council close Prestwick beach after finding asbestos in the sand

3537416740_bd166eb30a_zThis is not what you need on a sunny weekend, during the summer holidays.
The beach was closed on Friday afternoon and closure will remain in place until a specialist contractor can come remove the material and carry out decontamination works.
It’s understood the beach could be closed for days.

An inspection found “a small piece of asbestos” and identified a number of “small pieces of material” of concern.
People were cleared from the beach and signs put in place along the beach warning: “Danger. Beach closed.”
The council moved quickly and took special precaution as even a small amount of asbestos can be harmful if it is disturbed.

“We don’t take decisions like this lightly, but I’m sure members of the public and visitors would rather be safe than sorry.”
Officials are attempting to trace the source of the material and why is has been put there.

There is no indication as to the original source of the material. However, as local authorities increasingly affect the likelihood of householders, to be able to deposit asbestos at their local amenity site, due their increase in waste charges. Events of this type may occur more frequently in the UK as time moves forward.

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