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I have asbestos in my property. Do I need to get it removed?


Legally you are not required to remove asbestos, but you do have a legal duty to make it safe if persons are likely to encounter it. Removal may be the best option in certain circumstances. Other options are available which include repair, sealing and encapsulation. In some circumstances it may be wise to lock down an area completely to prevent access. You do have a legal duty to manage the material and keep staff, public contractors etc. informed and safe.

There is no legal requirement to label asbestos. If you choose not to label asbestos you should ensure robust procedures are in place to prevent exposure. If you intend to sell a property with asbestos you will often be expected to discount the sale price in respect of removal costs. The price of asbestos removal can increase over time so future planning should account for this. The presence of asbestos can often influence the success of property and business sales and should also be a factor in future planning.

Always take advice and think long term. RB Asbestos have helped in business asset and disposal for many years and can provide a service to assist you in the process by reviewing the information at due diligence stage. Go online to view the full range of professional asbestos services.


Photography by Paul Adams