Home News Man from Cleckheaton exposed to asbestos from the age of 15

Man from Cleckheaton exposed to asbestos from the age of 15

An employee who worked in the brake lining industry has died from industrial disease due to his contact with asbestos years ago.

Kenneth Toulson, 87, of Hunsworth Lane, retired early aged 56 from the town’s British Belting and Asbestos Company where he started at the age of 15. But the asbestos he was exposed to during that time eventually damaged his health, developing the asbestosis which killed him, the Bradford hearing was told. Apart from three years in the Royal Navy as part of his National Service, Mr Toulson’s working life was with the company spending much time on the factory floor and becoming its group training manager.  In a written statement made in 2011 when his health began to deteriorate more he spoke of his concerns of coming into contact with both white and blue asbestos and getting covered in the dust. Recording a verdict that Mr Toulson’s death on April 1 this year was due to industrial disease, Assistant Bradford Coroner Oliver Longstaff said: “He was significantly exposed to asbestos during his working life from which, unfortunately as with so many industrial workers from his generation, he contracted the disease which is such a well-known risk.”

Asbestos surveys are a legal requirement.