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Do I need an asbestos survey?

We are sometimes asked by clients if they are required to undertake asbestos surveys on certain types of buildings they own…….This is not always straightforward as sometimes occupancy can be ad hoc. If for example you let a property without a formal lease to a social club, then whose responsibility is it? Yours or the ‘tenants’?

The regulations say you must undertake an asbestos survey to all none domestic premises (Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012) if;

  • You own the building
  • You are responsible for the building through a tenancy or contract
  • You have control of the building but no formal contract or agreement
  • In a multi occupancy building you are the owner and have taken on the responsibility for maintenance and repairs for the whole building.

So if a church ‘lets’ a hall to several social clubs and there is no formal arrangement over maintenance it will be the churches responsibility. If the church lets the building to one social club who control the building and there is no formal agreement in place. The responsibility would switch to the social club.

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