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The survey will generally be a ‘Management Survey’ or what used to be termed a ‘Type 2 asbestos survey’.

Please note: If you have a Type 1 asbestos survey, these are no longer valid under the current regulations (Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012).

How often do asbestos registers need to be updated?

Following a Management survey, the only time you should need another asbestos survey is when you plan any material changes to the property that go outside the scope of the original survey.

This could be refurbishment, demolition or significant maintenance. In this case you will need a ‘Refurbishment/ Demolition asbestos survey’ which used to be called a Type 3 asbestos survey.

If any asbestos containing materials (ACMs) are found present in the property, under the regulations there is a legal duty to manage ACM’s within your property or the property you control.

As part of the asbestos management plan ACM’s should be inspected regularly and at least annually.

If you haven’t complied with this law for a period of time, you may well be expected to re-survey the property as the condition of the ACM’s may have changed.

What is the asbestos register?

The asbestos register is a document that lists all identified or assumed asbestos in a building. The owner of the building is in charge of ensuring an asbestos register is in place and available to those who plan to carry out maintenance and related work on the property.

It can be kept on paper or an electronic device, but must be current and updated to ensure any changes made do not affect the health and safety of those in the building.

When was the use of asbestos in buildings banned in the UK?

Asbestos was fully banned in the UK in August 1999, because of the harm it can have on the human body. If asbestos fibres are inhaled, they can embed themselves into the lungs and cause fatal diseases.

Structures built or renovated prior to 2000 are likely to contain asbestos fibres, as it was used as a durable building material that was cheap, widely available and insulating before it was banned.



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Do I need an asbestos register?

If you’ve had an asbestos survey in your property and asbestos has been identified, an asbestos register needs to be created. The asbestos register is part of a required plan on how any asbestos found will be managed.

Can you legally remove asbestos yourself UK?

There is no law against removing asbestos yourself, therefore if you find asbestos in your property you can remove it yourself. However, asbestos is highly hazardous and can cause life-long harm if you breathe in any asbestos related materials. Any work involving asbestos located in insulation boards, lagging, or sprayed coatings can only be done by licensed contractors, as these are the highest risk materials.

What is an asbestos risk assessment?

An asbestos risk assessment can sometimes be confusing. People often think that an asbestos risk assessment is an asbestos survey. In fact, the asbestos risk assessment is a feature within an asbestos survey.

Each item of asbestos listed within the survey report or register should have its own risk assessment. The reason for this is to allow ongoing management of that item of asbestos. The risk can vary greatly between different types of asbestos and their location. For example, a roof tile containing asbestos would generally be considered low risk and asbestos boarding around a doorway would be a higher risk.

Risk also changes depending on the use of a room. Some areas are used daily and some are used yearly.

Is it time to review your asbestos risk assessment?

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and associated guidance dictate that asbestos containing materials ACM’s should be re-inspected every 6 – 12 months. Once you have converted your asbestos survey information into a management plan, this should also be reviewed every 6 – 12 months along with the risk assessments.

We have clients who inspect their ACM’s daily and then we undertake a full review annually. If you do not inspect ACM’s and leave them for a number of years, then the audit trail becomes uncertain and you should consider an urgent inspection or a re-survey of the property.

If you think it might be time for your property to undergo a re-survey, head over to our dedicated asbestos surveys page now.

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