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“The greatest health protection in a cigarette” – Asbestos?!

It’s hard to believe that someone would add a deadly material to an already cancerous product and then proceed to brand it as “the greatest health protection in a cigarette”.

In 1952, Hollingsworth & Vose Company, (also called H&V Specialties, for Lorillard Tobacco Company) began creating the Kent Micronite cigarettes which were famous for the special ingredient. This ingredient was never revealed to the public that it was in fact crocidolite asbestos paper. The ingredient was known as ‘Micronite’

“What is ‘Micronite’?” a Kent Ad asked. “It’s a pure, dust-free, completely harmless material that is so safe, so effective, it actually is used to help filter the air in operating rooms of leading hospitals.”


A tightly packed filter, full of asbestos materials was considered effective because it filtered 30 percent of the tar from the smoke.

In the 1980s and ’90s, a wave of mesothelioma lawsuits was filed against Lorillard by individuals who had smoked the cigarettes in the 1950s. Lorillard has had to pay millions in compensation to victims suffering from several asbestos-related diseases. Former employees of Hollingsworth & Vose were also developing asbestos-related diseases and filling suit against their former employers.

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