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Top 5 Tips – Staying Hydrated at Work This Summer

Working in a hot environment can become very stressful. Here are 5 top tips to help you stay hydrated & boost productivity while working throughout summer!


Stay Hydrated

Throughout summer it is important to stay hydrated. Fill up your office fridge with bottles of water or a cool box if you travel for work. Keep a bottle in site to remind you to drink it!

Better still; download an app to remind you to drink regularly.

Cool Clothing

Wear cool clothing in these hot temperatures, short sleeved shirts and polos can still look smart and be light & comfortable.


Refreshing Fruit

If you’re bored of drinking the same bottle of water every day, try something different to reach your daily water intake. Add fruit to your water or even better, freeze small pieces of fruit as a refreshing snack!


Office Desk Fan

Cool yourself desk side with the fan breeze… ok, it’s not quite as satisfying as a sea breeze but it will make you feel better while you count down the days to your holiday.

Iced Coffee

Switch your morning cappuccino for an iced frappe! You are still getting the caffeine fix you may need to get you through the day but it’s a more pleasant, summer safe way to do it!