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This has been a growth field for us over recent years. With the huge increase in online shopping, the requirement for greater storage space and transport capacity is self-evident. Historically, some organisations never placed a great deal of emphasis on the management of asbestos within their premises. The reason for this was simple. They occupy large spaces with four walls a roof and possible offices. Day to day maintenance often revolves around security and preventing leaks. Health and Safety was more obvious or apparent with respect to personnel being injured by moving equipment such as fork lift trucks or wagons.


The bigger players in the industry have certainly ‘upped their game’ in relation to the ‘duty to manage’ asbestos in none domestic premises. Whereas you may have been likely to visit a site and pick up a survey that was 10 or 15 years old, now some of these organisations have an asbestos management plan in place.


We have worked closely with organisations such as Rick Bestwick, DS Smith, William Kirk and Linde Materials Handling. Their respective duty holders (via their Health and Safety Departments) take a proactive view of the situation. Asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) are monitored regularly by themselves and our staff. They have a ‘Management Plan’ in place, appropriate staff are trained and contractors are made to read and sign documentation via a ‘permit to work’ system, before they start work.


These are the core fundamentals of managing asbestos appropriately. When maintenance work is carried out the asbestos register is consulted. When larger projects are planned we attend site and conduct more detailed ‘Refurbishment/Demolition’ asbestos surveys first.


There are still plenty of organisations who do not operate in this manner. We believe it’s important to point out those that set a great example.

If you operate in any of the business areas described above and need to firm up or review your management of asbestos. Then please give us a call on 0800 1412676