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I was asked recently how come we have such a wide area of survey coverage from our base in Lancashire?

Our surveyors are regularly as far afield as Scotland, Ireland, Wales and even occasionally Africa and the Middle East!

There are fundamentally two reasons for this.

Firstly we are lucky enough to have a network of clients whose portfolio branch out to these areas: retail stores, food operations, insurance specialists looking after fire and flood damage of properties, housing associations and property professionals.

As our surveyors are regularly present throughout these regional areas it affords us the ability to undertake asbestos services for other clients in those same areas at a competitive rate.

I was asked recently if I would consider undertaking a contract on the west coast of Scotland around Campbeltown.

I replied “I have surveyors within the vicinity next week. What time would you like us on site?”

RBAC also retain the services of a specialist individual sub-contractor who has completed work for us in Ethiopia and the Middle East. This enables us to offer asbestos services internationally.

The second reason is ‘state of mind’. It’s not that difficult to get around these days. If you are willing to treat your clients as you wish to be treated and really go the extra mile for them, they don’t forget.

So if you have a requirement for advice, a survey, a management plan or training somewhere that seems out of the way – You now know who to call!

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