Here we do our best to answer some of the most commonly asked questions in regards to asbestos.

Why do I require an asbestos survey?

The Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR 2012) places a legal obligation on the owners, and those who control non domestic property, to safely manage any asbestos containing materials (ACMs) within.  The only way to know where the ACMs are located is to have an asbestos survey undertaken by a suitably trained individual or company.

How do I manage asbestos?

Once you have the survey information (also known as an ‘asbestos register’), you can develop an asbestos management plan.  The objective of the plan is to protect individuals who work in the building, and those who come to work in the building, from exposure to ACM’s.

Is my asbestos survey out of date?

If your property contains asbestos, and you are managing the material, it should probably be updated/re-inspected at least annually.  There may be some circumstances where this doesn’t apply.  Contact us on 0800 141 2676 if you are unsure.

What are common areas and do they require a survey?

Common areas are roof spaces, corridors, plant rooms, bin stores, lift shafts, external areas of a building etc.  These areas still require an asbestos register if they are under your control, even in domestic property.

There is no formal commercial lease in place with my tenant, who is responsible for the asbestos?

The owner of the property is responsible if there is no formal lease.

What does managing asbestos involve?
  • Making the ACM (asbestos containing material) safe or removing it where appropriate
  • Labelling the ACM where practical/possible
  • Re-inspecting the ACMs on a regular basis
  • Permit to work system in place to protect contractors & staff
  • Staff/contractor training
Should I audit my surveys?

If you hold a number of surveys on different properties we advise you should audit these to ensure they are robust & fit for purpose.

Whose responsibility is it to commission the survey?

Under CAR 2012 Regulations it is the responsibility of the duty holder. This is normally the owner of the property (landlord) or the maintaining tenant.

If you sublet property on a maintaining lease(s) you are still required to hold an asbestos survey of the common areas of that property (lift shafts, corridors, toilets, roof spaces etc.).

How much does an asbestos survey cost?

That depends on the size and age of the building, location, and hours of access. We are happy to provide you with a quotation, please call 0800 141 2676.

What kind of survey do I need to undertake some refurbishment work?

In most cases if you are undertaking work to the fabric of the building you need an in depth survey. This is known as a refurbishment/demolition asbestos survey.

Can I undertake an asbestos survey myself?

Only if you are trained, insured and hold a P402 surveying certificate.