Non-licensed Work With Asbestos Training

Non-licensed Work With Asbestos training is essential in order to ensure that employees adhere to The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and ACOP L143, Regulation 10.  These Regulations prevent employees from working with asbestos containing materials unless they have had the correct training.  Only trained and competent workers are permitted to carry out work with non licensed asbestos materials.

Who Should Attend This Course?

Non-licensed Work With Asbestos training should be given to all employees whose work will knowingly disturb low risk non-licensed asbestos containing materials, such as maintenance and construction workers and their supervisors and managers.

Course Content

The course is split into two parts, each part lasting for half a day:-

  • asbestos awareness training
  • practical training including: use of personal protect equipment, respiratory personal equipment, bagging waste, control techniques & safe methods of working

This IATP approved course satisfies the HSE’s requirements and provides your employees with an understanding and appreciation of the legal and practical requirements to protect themselves from the risks associated with handling non-licensed asbestos containing materials.  Upon completion of the course you are awarded an IATP course certificate.

Course Location & Cost

This one day course is held at a facility in Bury, Greater Manchester, or at a location of your choice if it’s for 6 or more delegates.  Costs are dependant on delegate numbers and course location. Please contact Janice Green on 0800 141 2676 for more details.

IATP Membership

The course is run by an approved member of the Independent Asbestos Training Provider (IATP) which is recognised by the HSE as one of the main bodies for registered Non-licensable Work With Asbestos Training.

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