Social Housing

Are you responsible for the maintenance, refurbishment, disposal or demolition of social housing in one or several locations throughout the UK?

You will understand the importance of a high standard of asbestos information. To ensure required standards are being maintained, we can audit any existing asbestos survey information.

We also offer re-inspections of common areas on an annual basis, to check and confirm the safe condition of any asbestos containing material is being maintained.

With Housing Associations operating on tighter deadlines and budgets than ever, we ease pressure by flexibly scheduling surveys according to your needs.

Safety and project management professionals in social housing authorities rely on our expertise to adhere to the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

We have a wealth of experience, providing our services to numerous clients in the social housing sector throughout the UK, including:

Asbestos Services for Housing Associations

Blackpool Coastal Housing

Blackpool Coastal Housing required asbestos surveys to the ‘common areas’ of 800 of their residential properties. With our experience of surveying large numbers of properties for Housing Associations, we successfully delivered the scope of works in less than six months.
R B Asbestos was approached to undertake asbestos management surveys on our behalf. A dedicated R B Asbestos staff contact was available at all times and this provided the reassurance that our requirements were being met throughout the period of instruction.

They worked with us to deliver a first class service and we would have no hesitation in employing R B Asbestos again in the future.
Richard Preston, Asset Manager

Habinteg Housing Association

Habinteg Housing Association are the largest provider of disability living accommodation in the UK with around 3500 properties. RB have worked in partnership with Habinteg to provide asbestos surveys asbestos awareness training and asbestos management for a number of years.
Habinteg’s Technical Services Manager benefits from the nationwide responsive and comprehensive services provided by R B Asbestos Consultants.
Michael Morley, Technical Services Manager

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