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How Much Does An Asbestos Survey Cost?

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Last Updated on 27 June 2023

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What you can expect to pay for an asbestos survey

Here at RB Asbestos, we are regularly quizzed by clients on how much they should pay for their asbestos survey. However, there is no set cost for asbestos surveys. There are in fact many variables to answer this question that are outlined in our comprehensive asbestos survey cost guide below!

You will find that the cost of an asbestos survey will vary depending on a number of factors, including the size and complexity of the building, the location of the building, and the type of survey that is being conducted.

Take a look at the guide below to get an approximate idea of the price you can expect to pay, but it is important to get quotes from at least 3 different companies and compare prices before choosing a provider for your asbestos survey:-

Property TypeManagement Asbestos Survey CostRefurbishment/Demolition Asbestos Survey
Small Retail Unit (approx 1,000 sq ft)£225 – £345£345 – £485
Medium retail Unit (approx 5,000 sq ft)£385 – £745£545 – £875
Large Retail Unit (approx 10,000 sq ft)£745 – £1575£975 – £1875
Small warehouse (approx 2,000 sq ft)£300 – £550£400 – £875
Large warehouse with offices£300 – £550£400 – £875
Small office complex (approx 2,000 sq ft)£300 – £550£400 – £875
Medium office complex (approx 10,000 sq ft)£750 – £1475£1275 – £2475
Large Office Complex approx (50,000 sq ft)£1875 – £3875£2875 – £15000

How the costing is calculated for an asbestos survey

Size of property

The first variable is the size of the site, and even that’s not straightforward, so let us explain.  For example, you could have a small two storey office block which costs more to survey for asbestos than a much larger industrial warehouse. The reason for this is when a survey company carry out an asbestos survey, they have to detail every room and space individually within the property and give it a unique reference number.

Therefore, a large warehouse may effectively be one room or space, whereas a two storey office block may have 30 rooms, sub floors, ceiling voids, roof plant rooms etc. So the survey time required may be greater on a smaller building. As a result, there will be a notable difference between asbestos survey costings for domestic and commercial properties.

Age of property

Firstly, If your office block was built in 1995, it will probably require less sampling than a block built in 1960. Older premises built at the height of ‘asbestos use,’ often by default, contain more asbestos. Also a factor is the amount and type of asbestos products present on the site.

Additionally, If every room has floor tiles and an ‘Artex’ type textured coating, more samples will need to be taken which affects the cost of an asbestos survey.

Asbestos was commonly used in construction materials before the year 2000, so buildings that were constructed before this time are more likely to contain asbestos.

As a result, this means that a survey of an older building may be more complex and time-consuming, which can increase the cost.

Additionally, if asbestos is found in an older building, the cost of removing or managing the asbestos may be higher because the materials may be more degraded and more likely to release asbestos fibers.

Therefore, the age of the property can affect what you’ll pay for an asbestos survey and any necessary asbestos removal or management.

Type of asbestos Survey

What type of asbestos survey do you require? A management asbestos survey will usually cost less than a refurbishment/demolition asbestos survey. A refurbishment/demolition asbestos survey is more invasive and therefore takes more time and cost.

Get in touch to arrange your asbestos survey

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We conduct asbestos surveys all over the UK for home owners and commercial property owners and managers.

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