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Asbestos advice from professional Consultants

RB Asbestos have a vast amount of asbestos consultancy experience, which enables us to provide solutions for the many asbestos related issues that are regularly encountered by our clients. Whether you are experienced in the field, or are just starting out, we have the latest legal knowledge and expertise you need to remain compliant.

RB Asbestos work within many industry sectors and with businesses of all sizes, from local trades to global brands. We have an excellent insight to the requirements of all organisations.

Our consultancy service is tailored to meet our clients’ needs. Upon consultation, a client may require one or more of the following services:

Whatever your requirements, at RB Asbestos we pride ourselves on providing clients with a leading customer experience. This allows us to form long-term relationships, that are fully built on trust.

Help and advice on asbestos removal

It is important to choose a reputable contractor to remove the asbestos that has been found in your property. If you identify a form of asbestos within your property, RB Asbestos can provide consultancy in two ways:-

Firstly, our team can supply you with a list of reputable firms to price the removal work.

Secondly, we can also look at the quotations with you, to help you understand what they mean.

Different contractors often use different approaches to cost up removal work. The time of year you engage with them can also have a bearing, particularly during the school holidays when the prices may be more expensive, due to the demand on their services.

By determining the extent and risk of the asbestos that your property contains, you will be able to request a well estimated asbestos removal quote so you can start budgeting for the process.

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Helping you adhere to asbestos regulations

If you own or maintain several properties, then you will possibly have asbestos surveys for most of them. The surveys may have been, or are being, carried out by a single contractor. Or, they may have been carried out over several years. You may have a requirement to audit your surveys to ensure they still comply with the regulations, or to check the quality and consistency of the findings. If so, RB Asbestos can help as we currently provide this service as part of our consultancy, particularly in the social housing sector.

RB Asbestos fully understand the process of implementing the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 from the client’s prospective. As part of our asbestos consultancy service, we can guide you through asbestos regulations and explain the law as it applies to you. You can speak to a member of the experienced RB Asbestos team during the process to gain advice and find out where your project is up to.

Asbestos regulations state ‘non-domestic (commercial) buildings must have an asbestos register’ (which generally applies to buildings dated pre-2000 – the date when asbestos was banned in the UK). Our expertise has enabled us to assist owners, project managers, H&S managers, architects, and property professionals to adhere to asbestos regulations (CAR 2012), whilst minimising the effect on business operations.


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If you have any pressing questions that you would like to ask with regards to our asbestos services, you might find your answer in our frequently asked questions. Check out some of the questions that the RB Asbestos team are most commonly asked by reading the tabs to the right. If your query is not included within our FAQ’s, you can get in touch with our dedicated team by simply calling us now on 0800 141 2676.

What is asbestos consultancy?
As specialists in our field with over 30 years of experience, we can provide sound advice in any situation in relation to asbestos. We work with you as a trusted partner to ensure you comply with legislation and above all get value for money. We can assist with advice in relation to any asbestos issues you may know about, or maybe haven’t considered as of yet. We can also act as a knowledge base or advice centre for your organisation.
How do I get tax relief on asbestos removal?
Under the government's urban regeneration scheme and the Finance Act 2001, it is possible to claim up to 150% of the cost of asbestos remediation against your company's profits as tax relief. There are several qualifying rules, so please get in touch to discuss further.


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RB Asbestos regularly help clients in a diverse selection of industries by providing them with our leading asbestos services. Explore a selection of the sectors that we regularly work in below.

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