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Do I need an asbestos survey on my house? Yes or No


If only it was that simple. In your own house where you reside, and are the owner, there is no requirement to have or hold asbestos information. However, if tradesmen are required to undertake work on your house they (and by default you) have to be protected from any asbestos exposure. In that situation an appropriate survey should be carried out before the work commences. This will identify any asbestos containing materials likely to be encountered.

If you live in a rented property the landlord usually holds responsibility for any common areas in or around around it. Within the property the landlord has no legal requirement to inform you of any asbestos, but equally he should not under the law be providing you with unsafe or dangerous accommodation.

So what is the solution?

  • Always commission a survey before you buy a house.
  • If your house was built before the year 2000 then suspect it may contain asbestos.
  • If you are having any work done to your house, make sure you or the tradesmen commission a survey before the work starts.
  • If you are entering in to a lease to rent a property, ask the landlord for evidence of an asbestos survey before you sign the lease.

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