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New Guidance Issued On Fly Tipped Asbestos Waste

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Last Updated on 9 February 2021

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fly tipped waste

Recent updates from the HSE on asbestos waste

The HSE have produced a recent update to their ‘Asbestos Essentials’ series of documents, specifically on dealing with asbestos waste that has been fly tipped.

If you have never used or read these then you are missing out, as its one of the most useful series of documents they produce. – It’s great because not only can you use them for the intended purpose of working with asbestos, you can also use it as an audit or check list to ensure that contractors on your site are compliant.

This one is particularly interesting on ‘How to deal with fly tipped waste’.

Fly Tipping & Asbestos waste

Many local authorities, waste companies and contractors will carry out removal of fly tipped ACM’s as a none licensed or effectively low risk activity.

The updated guidance now says “If the waste is spread around or mixed with non-asbestos material, get a HSE-licensed contractor to deal with it”.

Most situations where asbestos is fly tipped involves it being mixed with other waste. Therefore, a lot of organisations will need to rethink their strategy.

If you read our news page regularly, we have been blogging about, ‘how many local authorities are now charging for asbestos disposal.’ – As a result of this charge, there has been an increase in incidents of fly tipping. There have been no studies that directly link the two but it seems the most likely explanation.

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