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Occupations affected by Mesothelioma

The HSE statistics show what is effectively historical exposure through the different occupations that affected both men and women.

Occupations affected by Mesothelioma for Men:

The occupations where men are most at risk from Mesothelioma are well known. These are carpenters, plumbers, electricians and construction workers. Understanding why these occupations are most affected is relatively straightforward. They are occupations where the men would encounter or use asbestos on a regular basis. But probably more significant was the fact they worked in more confined or ‘smaller’ spaces, due to the nature of their work.

Asbestos was used as a building material because of its high density and fire retardant. Therefore construction workers are more likely to come into contact with the material.

Asbestos is the biggest ‘on the job’ killer for tradespeople in the UK. Each week on average it kills 20 tradesmen, so don’t dismiss it as a thing of the past… it’s still a very real and dangerous threat.

Occupations affected by Mesothelioma for Women:

Women historically appear to be mainly affected when they work in certain types of property rather than specific jobs, with one exception. Nurses, school teachers and office workers show the highest incidences of Mesothelioma. This is because they work (or worked) in buildings which contain asbestos. Remember 85% of the UK’s schools STILL contain asbestos.

Cleaners are also heavily affected because they are cleaning products within buildings that contain asbestos. Their work allows them to disturb or ‘clean up’ asbestos products. These may include floor tiles, Artex type coatings, or products which have become damaged by other tradesmen and builders.

The changing work environment vis-à-vis men and women has altered. This may show through in later cases of the disease as we go forward over time.

Surveys, Management and Awareness Training are more important than ever and it’s the Law!

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