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What Makes a Good Asbestos Surveyor?

Arsene Wenger was once asked what makes a great football team? His answer was “great players”.

There are good and bad surveyors. There are good and bad companies and there are also good and bad clients. I am frequently asked,  So how do you know if someone is a good surveyor?

The obvious answer is someone who is punctual and good at finding asbestos. However, there is a lot more to it than that.

Experience within a wide range of properties is important, as well as a willingness to learn. Every day is a learning day – you can learn from other surveyors experiences and likewise share your own knowledge with others too.

Working well in a team is fundamental and being aware of how your actions affect others; staff, clients and the general public.

Continued development within the profession is also important and that comes through working with other surveyors, learning new skills and of course training.

Our surveyors are encouraged to be self-sufficient as we sometimes send them far away to work. We’ve been working in Ethiopia in recent years and are also planning work in Finland.

At RBAC we encourage all our surveying team to interact with clients regularly and talk through any issues. This helps develop knowledge, people skills and makes the job more fulfilling.

Most importantly our surveyors are acutely aware that Health and Safety is a number one priority within RBAC. We meet with the surveying team regularly to talk through jobs and develop our RAMS – coming home safely every day is the number one priority of our business. Everything else is secondary.

We like our team to share our company vision, values and help shape the business going forward.

A good survey therefore is made by diligent surveyors and back office team along with knowledgeable and pragmatic clients.

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