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What’s involved in an asbestos survey and what type do I need?

An asbestos survey is a visual inspection of a property. A surveyor will safely take small samples of materials which are suspected to contain asbestos.

In our latest blog post, we provide you with information on the different asbestos surveys, which one you require and how our team can help you comply with all asbestos regulations.

Is an asbestos survey required?

If you own or maintain a non-domestic premise that was build prior to the year 2000, then it is a legal requirement for you to have had this property surveyed by a qualified asbestos specialist.

The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 state that you owe a duty of care to anyone who visits your property, and by having a survey completed you are able to ensure this level of care. If someone is harmed by ACM’s on your premises and you do not have a survey in place, you are then at risk of facing serious legal punishments.

What happens during an asbestos survey?

In an office environment, surveyors will look in ceiling voids, under carpets and in areas of the building where routine maintenance occurs. The surveyor will log each room in the building and report on the materials used to construct it.

If the surveyor cannot access a particular area (locked room, sealed void) they will deem it as ‘not accessed’ and presume asbestos may be present. This is a safety system to protect those who may enter that area in the future. This type of survey is referred to as a ‘Management Survey’. Historically it was called a ‘Type 2’ survey.

Paul Survey

If you intend to refurbish or demolish a property then the type of survey required will be more destructive. This is called a ‘Refurbishment/Demolition’ survey (historically a ‘Type 3’ survey). This will involve more destructive access to the property to allow the surveyor to access areas where work is being undertaken. It may also involve assistance from:

  • A lift engineer to access the shafts and the pit
  • An electrician to access electrical systems and switchgear
  • MEWP to access the outer building at high level
  • Concrete core drilling to access below floor slabs

All parts of the building where work will take place should be accessed and the duty-holder or property owner should provide as much information and assistance to the survey team as is possible. This type of survey should be undertaken when the property is empty and ideally when it will not be reoccupied. Careful planning is required however in live hospitals, residential homes etc where residents staff and patients are present 24 hours a day. We specialise in this type of work and can safely assist in the expedition of surveys under these challenging conditions.

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What’s involved in an asbestos survey and what type do I need?
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