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Asbestos Surveyor: Best job in the world?

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Last Updated on 28 September 2021

Is being an Asbestos Surveyor the best job in the world?

OK, the best job in the world may be arguable. However, our RB Asbestos surveyors get to travel to interesting towns and cities and work in some amazing buildings. Having the job as an Asbestos Surveyor means we go to places the average person in the street may never get to; back of house in historic buildings, outer roof areas with great views over cities, and we tend to meet really interesting knowledgeable people who are passionate about these places as well.

Only this year we have worked on The Mall, The River Thames and Park Lane in London, as well as travelling all over Scotland’s amazing towns and cities. From working in listed buildings, churches, stately homes and single malt distilleries to assisting full on production facilities making everyday household items, our team have seen it all.

We have also worked in a fudge factory in Scotland and yes, it was that good!

Pros and cons of Asbestos Surveyor job

Although the element of travel is a massive upside to being an asbestos surveyor, the downside can be time away from family and spiders in dark spooky places. However, this does not take anything away from the job we do as a Surveyor, and if it’s done well, you could be saving people’s health or even their lives in some cases.

What we do is important, fun, interesting and exciting. Is being an Asbestos Surveyor the best job in the world? Maybe not, but it’s certainly not far off!

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