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Buying a house with asbestos Artex

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Last Updated on 25 February 2022

buying a house with asbestos artex

What is Artex and where can I find it in my house?

Large amounts of domestic and commercial properties contain Artex, and it can cause people concern when buying a house if they suspect it contains asbestos, but what is it?

Artex is one of a number of trade names for a ‘textured’ coating application that is usually applied to walls and ceilings within domestic and commercial properties.

The material was applied frequently in the second half of the twentieth century from the 1950’s onwards.

During the 1950’s through to the early 1980’s the majority of ‘Artex textured coatings’ are commonly found to contain asbestos. The material typically has a stippled or geometric pattern and was applied by decorators or plasterers. The amount of asbestos present is usually very low.

Sampling and testing Artex for asbestos

Any work on the material you suspect contains asbestos should only be conducted by an appropriately trained or licensed contractor.

Thinking of buying a house or commercial property with Artex and suspect it could contain asbestos?

Then we suggest you have any such materials appropriately sampled and tested to check for the presence of asbestos.

This should be undertaken by a qualified asbestos surveyor.

Artex typically has very low concentrations of asbestos.

Any form of damage to Artex products, such as drilling or scraping will probably cause exposure.

Sampling, if not conducted properly, can provide false results. This may be because the sample was taken from an area of Artex with concentrations of asbestos at a level the laboratory cannot detect.

Therefore, it is important to instruct a qualified asbestos surveyor.

Asbestos Artex doesn’t have to be removed when buying or renting a house or commercial property

Remember, Artex can also be ‘over boarded’ or ‘skimmed over’ with other none asbestos products and can be hidden from view. This happens in residential and commercial properties alike.

If you are renting a commercial property, under a lease where the maintenance is your responsibility, then you legally take responsibility for managing any asbestos also.

It is mandatory in the UK for all commercial premises to manage asbestos. This is generally done by having an asbestos survey completed first.

If you are buying a house with asbestos Artex or commercial property with Artex and you are unsure about the presence of asbestos or any potential removal costs, then please contact us for advice.

Buying a house with artex and want to know if it contains asbestos?

Are you looking at buying a house that possibly contains Artex asbestos?  Need some help or advice? Then get in touch.

RB Asbestos can help you with your asbestos related problem, providing checks for the presence of asbestos materials, carrying out asbestos sampling & testing, asbestos surveys and management plans nationwide.

Speak directly to one of our knowledgeable and helpful advisors for any further information, by calling RB Asbestos today on 0800 141 2676.

If you can’t speak to one of our advisors over the phone right now, you can also contact us online.


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