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The importance of using experienced asbestos surveying companies

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Last Updated on 28 September 2021

Asbestos Survey

Your duty to manage asbestos in commercial properties

So when needing an asbestos survey or help with asbestos management, what should you be looking for when researching asbestos surveying companies?

If you own or maintain a non-domestic property that was built before the year 2000, you are legally required to have an asbestos survey in place for this property so that you can effectively manage any asbestos containing materials that are found on the premises.

If you fail to meet this legal responsibility, you are at risk of facing some potentially catastrophic ramifications. So, in our latest blog post, the team at RB Asbestos go into more detail about asbestos surveys, and explain why it is crucial that you only appoint one of the most reliable and experienced asbestos surveying companies to carry out the asbestos survey procedure.

What asbestos survey do you need?

As mentioned previously, you are liable to prosecution if you are legally obliged to commission an asbestos survey for your property, and you have not done so. But with two different asbestos surveys available, which asbestos do you need to arrange for?

Management Asbestos Survey

Well firstly, we have the Management Asbestos Survey. This non-intrusive survey is the minimum required by law for non-domestic properties built before 2000, and covers all the visible and accessible areas of your building.

An Asbestos Management Survey is purposely designed to account for standard daily activities that regularly occur within most non-domestic properties, and if any asbestos is identified you will be provided with a post survey report.

Within this report, you will find details on:

  • The type of asbestos present
  • The location of the asbestos containing material
  • The extent and condition of the asbestos
  • What steps need to be taken next

It is worth noting that if asbestos is found within your property, you will have to create an asbestos management plan so that everyone who enters your building is sufficiently protected from the dangers of asbestos.

If you’re looking for help from one of the best asbestos surveying companies in the UK, then go online to book your management asbestos survey.

Refurbishment/Demolition Asbestos Survey

The other variant of asbestos survey that’s available is a Refurbishment/Demolition Asbestos Survey. This survey is legally required if you are planning on upgrading, refurbishing or demolishing a property/section of a property that was built before the year 2000.

Instances in which this type of survey would be required include the installation of new equipment, and the removal of walls, doors and windows.

A Refurbishment/Demolition Asbestos Survey only needs to target the areas of your property that are being worked on, but will involve much more intrusive methods as opposed to those that are completed during a Management Asbestos Survey. For example, a surveyor may have to lift floor coverings and break through walls to ensure that the appropriate areas are effectively surveyed.

If you are confused as to which asbestos survey is best for your property, call the RB Asbestos team today on 0800 141 2676.

If you’re looking for help from one of the best asbestos surveying companies in the UK, then get in touch to Arrange a refurbishment asbestos survey for your non-domestic premises.

Choose an experienced asbestos surveying company for your property

Once you identify which asbestos survey it is that you require, it is crucial that you appoint one of the experienced surveying companies to complete the process. At RB Asbestos, we have vast experience in providing asbestos surveys for a wide range of property sectors, and all our surveys adhere to HSG 264: The Survey Guide.

Paul Gallagher is our Lead Surveyor and has been with the RB Asbestos team for nearly ten years. In addition to this, Paul has 20 years in the asbestos field, so there are few better placed than Paul to complete an asbestos survey for your property.

Paul Gallagher - Lead Surveyor at RB Asbestos

Paul Gallagher – Lead Surveyor at RB Asbestos

Paul’s first 10 years in the asbestos industry was as an unblemished HSE asbestos license removal holder. During this time, Paul completed asbestos removal contracts throughout the UK and Europe. Furthermore, Paul was also a qualified asbestos surveyor whilst he worked as a HSE asbestos license removal holder, and completed numerous asbestos surveys during his first decade within the industry.

10 years ago, Paul joined RB Asbestos as a surveyor and is now the longest serving member of our surveying team. Paul still keeps his asbestos removal training up to date, so he is more able to provide clients with a more complete service.

Now, Paul heads up most of the major projects here for RB Asbestos and is also an exemplar for the high-quality service that we provide for our clients. Where some asbestos surveying companies leave you with a survey and little support, Paul and the survey team here at RB Asbestos will keep advising and assisting you throughout the duration of any projects you may have.

Surveyors like Paul are the reason why our existing clients have remained with us for so long and why we are one of the best and long-standing asbestos surveying companies in the UK.

For more information on the leading services that Paul and the rest of the RB Asbestos team regularly carry out, check out the complete range of asbestos services.

Contact one of the best asbestos surveying companies in the UK today!

To learn more about the wide range of asbestos services that we can provide you with at RB Asbestos, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today and discover why we’re one of the best asbestos surveying companies in the UK.

To speak directly to one of our knowledgeable and helpful advisors, call RB Asbestos today on 0800 141 2676.

Or if you can’t speak to one of our advisors over the phone right now, you can also contact us by answering a few swift questions and contacting us online.

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